What is Light Art?

Light art is a broad term for any piece of creative work that uses light in it, often but not always combining technical or AV equipment with sculptural elements that either stand alone or interact with or take inspiration from the space they sit in.

Light art is a universally accessible art form that is becoming more and more popular. With advances in technology it is growing rapidly in scale, diversity and originality. Light artists in Ireland and internationally are continuously pushing the boundaries of this broad discipline to create unique, awe-inspiring installations. 

As humans, we are inherently drawn to light. Because of this, artwork that incorporates light can be inherently emotive and as a result highly engaging for spectators of any age or background.

A small selection of examples of light art work by Irish and international artists is featured below. For a closer look at each example please follow the link below each image. Please note that these are just examples of the artform, this does not mean any of the below projects, artists or organisations are associated with the event concept.