Known to Services


Self Directed Linchpin/Masters Project

As I mentioned in my CV, Known to Services has been my biggest and most complex creative project to date. It was a fully self directed undertaking spanning almost three years. It started as a documentary short about homelessness on the streets of Dublin, but over the process I met an incredible amount of complicated road blocks; from practical to ethical to logistical to human error to my own despondency, just to name a few. These hurdles caused the project to become something entirely different. Through endless testing, experimenting, failing and restructuring, I persevered to the final product being a series of short, mixed media documentary explainer videos which outline the key discoveries from the project.

The project is not released yet, but below is a draft of the first of seven episodes in the series and will give a taste of what it will look like if you’re interested. Although it is of course very different to the Fiid aesthetic, I feel it shows my ability to work across multiple disciplines within one project.

More information on the project below.

Further information:

Tenacity is what saw this project to completion. 

The project had a vast amount of qualitative research in speaking with and spending time with countless homeless people and recording their stories, and then interviewing people in the homeless services and also researching my way to conclusions with my own ethical struggles with the project (doing everything ethically became such an obsession that this topic became my theoretical thesis topic).

As well as qualitative, the project involved immense amounts of quantitative research. I was researching and deciphering complex international socioeconomic datasets, while studying the available Irish government statistics and finding gaps and flaws within them, and then making correlations between all of these otherwise seemingly unconnected results to discover injustices in Irish society and flaws in Irish government systems in relation to the homelessness crisis in Ireland.